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Hurray! The global rank is 350

The global rank is 350 in today.
Also I assume it will be near 100-150 at the end of the 2017.
Keep it up guys!!


It took off in July. Any idea why?


Well, right now it’s 383 global rank, 225 US rank. So more Americans are using it, that’s a good thing.

Why? I don’t know. It could be press, it could be the PewDiePie scandal that probably sent a lot of his fans to Fiverr, it could be the crappy economy and people seeking other ways to make money, it could be word of mouth from Fiverr sellers and buyers, it could be many things.

The fact is that Fiverr is the easiest way to make money in the gig economy. My father keeps begging me, “find another Fiverr! Find 5 Fiverrs! Then you’ll be rich.” Sorry dad, so far I’ve only found one Fiverr.

TaskRabbit: I applied, they didn’t get back to me.
Uber: Need a car from 2006 at least (although I see they lowered it to 2001 for LA, and a few other cities. Maybe Uber realizes some of us are driving old cars)
The brand that pays you to pick up groceries for other people: Doesn’t pay enough
Fiverr clones: Not enough traffic, not enough flexibility in gig creation, violation of seller’s privacy by requiring us to upload sensitive information like driver’s licenses, social security, etc.

In other words, Fiverr has managed to corned the market. Will it always be that way? I think so, I hope so. They just have to keep the platform easy, flexible, don’t forget that their primary mission is making money from sellers.


That is an amazing achievement , let take Fiverr to the top:heart_eyes:


Great and Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s great news.

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fiverr is great, and i am looking forward to making great money

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That’s really a good news. It shows the users are getting increased day by day. The more user started to use it, the more income will be earned! Oh yeah.


This is a thread from December btw, right now:

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To me, global rank should be under 50!!

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Wow, it’s a very good news.

And now!

What happened in January 2017 ?

A few more statistics (from Alexa).


Great and that’s amazing. Good luck Fiverr.

Here is today: 30th_August_2017


Here are the US ranks of some extremely popular websites

CNN 26
Huffington Post 64
Fox News 63
craigslist 165,016
backpage 392
Apple 34
Microsoft 41
Amazon 5
Google 1
Facebook 3

So imagine the traffic you’d need to be under 50, imagine the name recognition you’d need. Fiverr is doing amazingly well IMO.



Thanks for clarifying the issue Federico!

Could you please tell me how many more orders do I have to complete in
order to reach the level 2 threshold? Also, can you do anything to help
speed up this process, will be greatly appreciated! I really worked Hard
for those orders!

Sorry for the message. Mistakenly sent.