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Hurrays Just Become a Member

Hello friends,

Just got my member badge - Trust Level 2. Today I mark my 15th day in Forums and earned the badge. I m happy.

Though still didn’t scored any sale but the badge has given me another level of excitement and confidence.

Thank you Fiver and all the Forum community :pray:t2:


Looks like you are having great time with forum community cheers

Yes indeed, forum has a lot of knowledge for free and I’m enjoying learning it :pray:t2:

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Just in case: forum has no connection to fiverr website and being active on the forum wouldn’t bring you any sales.

But I’m happy to see that you are enjoying the forum and learning new things here.


Hello Maria,

Yes I’m very much aware of that. Sales has no connection with the forum.

I’m happy here learning something new everyday from experts like you, making friends around and trying to help the new comers with the knowledge I’m learning on Fiverr.

Yes, indirectly it is helping me in getting knowledge to optimize my gigs and ideas to promote them to get sales eventually.

In total I’m having a good time here.

Thank you :pray:t2: and keep rocking :+1: