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Hurrayy! My patience has paid off


You don’t know how it feels when others testify on their gig success,how they intentionally complain of too much sales they can’t handle when you’v got some gigs that never have been “starred” on. Today am so happy cause A guy purchased one of my gigs which I promptly delivered in less than 20 minutes.He was so happy that he gave me a positive am rated %100


welcome to Fivver :smiley:

Good job, and good luck!




Thank you


congrats for your first sale


First one feels good. Congrats.


awwww the first sells -

:slight_smile: well done!


Woop! Congrats.


Thanks guys! And today,I received another order which am currently working on now…wow!


WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!


That’s a good attitude to have! :slight_smile: