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Hurrey, I got another offer

Hi all,
I again got the another offer of $125.When does you provide your best service to buyer.they will hire you again and again.So in my thought we should always make the healthy deal with the buyer.This is the 3rd time same Buyer hired me.:blush::blush:


Congratulations. Repeat buyers are the holy grail of business. Nicely done!


@manish63 Congrats, it is always a great feeling building a good report with someone and getting repeat business.

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congratulations! Keep it up…


Congratulations! You are getting the reward of your hard work.

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@manish63 Congratulations!

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Thank you all.I wish same for all of you: ::blush:

The work and effort you are taken to fulfil this project is tremendous. Keep it up…

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Congratulations, Manish…

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