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Hurricane Irma Predicted to Impact Where I am


In case the power goes out during the event, I’m taking the note to bring this to attention now, but since I live in Florida, it’s so far very likely this hurricane will hit us over the weekend and through to next week. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to ask for help, here? But I’m letting this situation be known.


I hope you stay safe! If I were you I’d make sure my queue was cleared out ahead of time and then pause it or put it in vacation mode before you have any effects from the hurricane.


Queue? I don’t…think I have anything in a queue? I’m a little confused.
But I should turn vacation mode on before the storm hits, right?


Let’s assume later in the week you have an order(s), so you’d want to get them cleared out before they go late if you lose power and/or have to evacuate.

It’s been debated on the forum whether it’s better to pause a gig, go to vacation mode or extend your delivery time.

You can do some research on the merits of each and then decide what’s best for your situation.

However, posting your concerns about this on the forum won’t serve to warn buyers or Fiverr if you’re affected by the storm.

You have to be proactive now and make sure any orders are fulfilled beforehand and that you don’t get any during any downtime due to a prolonged weather event.


Alright, that helps, thank you! :heart:


You’re very welcome! Stay safe, it sounds like an awfully dangerous storm.


omg I hope you stay safe!! :scream::scream:

I´m from Venezuela and the hurricane hurricane is near us :scream:
I think another hurricane is forming :scream::cold_sweat:

God hav the total control of course!!


Stay safe!..


That’s so scary :scream: Don’t die! And may want to put on vacation mode despite all the horror stories about it, in case of power loss or something.


Hello Phanta! That’s so terrifying not knowing the unknown!

I wish you the very best and make sure to stay safe!


Staying safe is the most important thing, but it is certainly professional of you to be concerned with getting the gigs complete. I agree with @sophiesvoice about being pro-active with your gigs.


Not to make light of a very serious threat…but @deivys20071 post reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Depending on your location and if you’re in an evacuation zone I would switch to vacation mode as soon as the trajectory is confirmed. It’s still too early to tell but the models are showing a west southwest path for the time being and it also doesn’t help that there’s a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico plus Jose is right behind Irma.


Stay Safe!! :ocean::cyclone:


omg :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: true



Oh My. . … . . . …
:ocean: :open_mouth:

near my country!


Mother Nature is scary!


I feel your pain. I lived in South Florida for 23 years and I’ve been through Andrew and Wilma, and a few in between.

It’s the aftermath that is the hardest part. Be prepared and stay safe.


stay safe



Just to reassure you, these storms are further than they may appear and are not travelling right toward you. Around your area the current wind is just a light breeze right now. (about 9mph or so in U.S. terms.) I don’t know a lot about storms or maps or weather, I’m not an authority, but there is a lot of misinformation spreading so take some calm and look up real distances and directions before you get all worried.

Good luck to everyone who was in the path of Harvey and are now in the path of Irma and company. Some of my cousins were impacted by Harvey in Houston but are now safe and have just lost some belongings. I wish well to all impacted by all this weather, but I also don’t want people to worry about some of the things spreading on social media. Hang in there and by all means anyone who is likely to be impacted directly or indirectly might be well advised to turn on VM.