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Hurtful review, but with 5 stars


I have been very successful lately with my gigs, and due to the lockdown this was a very comforting thing because I am a musician and I’m hurt from this situation. Note that I also work as an astrologer (having many years of study and a diploma from a prestigious school).

My problem is that one of my customers gave a 5 star review, but made a hurtful comment. Since then I have hardly any orders. I did reply answering so that people can see my reply, but in the gig page that comment is very high and can be seen by everybody as it is featured and my reply is not visible, unless one clicks one more link.

I am very angry, because I am a very conscientious seller, with very positive reviews and just one hurtful comment ruins all my work. I cannot find any way to overcome this as people do not order from the gig anymore to get new positive reviews.

Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I’m assuming you’re referring to the review which mentions that their analysis seemed to be software generated to which you replied it was in-fact software generated and that no astrologer draws these analyses by hand anymore.

I don’t believe in astrology, I don’t know anything about it, but what I will say is that I was able to find sellers around your price point, selling similar services, claiming to do these by hand and that none of theirs are computer generated.

On the other hand there are similar services who don’t say how they go about doing any of this work, which has always been my issue with these kind of services on Fiverr. The lack of transparency. I don’t think the buyer said anything harmful to your business, they left a simple question at the end of their review, whether you’d much rather a shorter hand-written analysis or a long computer generated analysis? I think that’s a valid question for any future buyers to consider.

If transparency in how you do this kind of work is damaging to your business then I’d put in question how genuine any of it is, and if the reports aren’t genuine or the “valuable insight” shouldn’t be taken word for word then shouldn’t that be a disclaimer?

That’s just my take on it.

See… so many misconceptions here. First of all I didn’t mention what my gig is because people do not know how things work and it is obvious from your post. This client asked me to confirm that his place of birth because it didn’t appear in the astrological chart and I told him that yes, but my software doesn’t show it. So he assumed that the whole analysis is a software. It is only the drawing of the chart. I have personally written the astrological information that he got. So, it is as if I say that you are an accountant and use a calculator so your have to write it in the description. This is the point. There are some very bad software produced astrological interpretations in the market, but this is not one of these. it is this simple. But, people when they read software they just click elsewhere. Then his remark that if it is a long in-depth or a shorter one, I’m very clear in the description that it is an in-depth long report, so this is also something that is not a good comment to make. But, I cannot do anything about it…I’m stuck now with this review… and there is no way to dispute it… It is that simple!

I’d hope so because that’s what I meant when I said

That was never clarified in the response you gave, I’d say the response you gave the review insinuates that it’s all software generated, so you could’ve better explained that when you had the chance.

I feel like you’ve circled right back to what I said when I talked about transparency and how the practice may be disingenuous if being clear about the inner workings is damaging.

Personally, I think the review is fine, you got five stars and they’ve proposed a valid question for people to consider when making their purchase.

If a designer claims to makes logos but uses a logo generator, that should be disclosed, if a musician claims to make original compositions but uses chord generators then that should be disclosed, the same way I think your use of software to aid your process should be disclosed.

You examples are poor… not related to astrology because you do not know anything about it. I also use a computer to write these messages do I have to write about this too…

Believe me, I am one of the few astrologers in whole fiverr platform that I can calculate a chart without a computer. Because, I have a diploma in astrology, studying for 4 years and I know these stuff. Now, everybody thinks they are an astrologer because they just add a few dates on a computer. I use software to make the calculations, but this is not what people are interested in. They are interested in interpretations and in this area, I also stand among the highest astrologers worldwide. So, please don’t bother to try and give me more lessons on my area of expertise.

I just wanted a tip to get working on Fiverr again. If I don’t make it, I will get my business elsewhere…

My actual problem, if anyone interested is why does Fiverr automatically choose which reviews they are displaying on the first page. I have so many positive reviews of people that like what they got from me, and most of them are not in immediate display, but one that is not helpful gets displayed instead of others. This could happen to anyone… anyone can have a difficult or opinionated client. It would be fine for me if all reviews where equally displayed in the first page. This is the issue, not my services. If my services where bad, I wouldn’t have so many positive reviews, and it concerns none of you. Because I know that spirituality and astrology is not accepted by everyone and that is not what we are discussing here.