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Hwo to handel receive a progress update for this order

my buyer suddenly send me a progress request the say
would like to receive a progress update for this order.
You need to respond within the next 2 days or the order will be cancelled.

please help me how to handle this issue

You would need to share more details of your case but generally, give Buyer an update of the order progress. :smile:

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I complete my job and deliver to buyer and buyer want some modification he send me to modify and I have 2 days left

Are you able to complete the requested modifications in the two days left? If so, then the progress update may simply be to reassure the client that you are on target for completion in time.

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I see.

As far as I understand it, the Buyer require revision, right?

You offered unlimited revisions, so you have to deliver unlimited number of revisions within the order duration.

If not, your order would be late and possibly reason for cancellation by Buyer.

Just make a post on the order page for now saying where you are up to with any modifications (you could also add an attachment if you wanted to show a work in progress). That should stop that cancellation. But also send the revision as soon as you can (eg. after that).