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Hy friends. Please any one can help me to get orders? I am not getting orders

How to increase selling? any one can help?

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Sorry about your situation.
You can edit your gig’s descriptions and make it more attractive.

Promote your gig on social media too.

I wish you the very best.

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  1. Make sure to add relevant keywords and tags.
  2. Type your gig description yourself never copy anyone else’s.
  3. Add good images or a video which best describe your services.
  4. Promote your gig on social media.
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You might want to use better quality images for your samples.
Also, I am pretty sure you did not design the Windows logo, you should remove it right away.

Logo designs are VERY competitive and there are thousands of them, if you want
orders you need to make sure to stand out and look professional.
I don’t want to be rude, but judging from your gig description and samples, you aren’t
quite there yet I’m afraid…

No ,No, I have design windows logo in photoshop, and I have source file of that logo, but source file is almost 6MB and was not uploading in gig.
But Please tell me what is problem with windows logo? Why should I delete Windows logo?
And suggest me which type of Gigs I should make?

thanks. I’'ll try…

Dear What is this?
I can not understand what is written here.

Hi there…,

Before you think about marketing…, try to make your gigs attractive too
Right now…, i have very low chance getting order…, Read Fiverr Tutorial First…, you are missing a lot from there

  1. Change your Profile picture with actual photo, not cartoon
  2. Put your best portfolio, and try put 4 logo on each slot… People need to see many sample
    (your current sample is very poor)
  3. Improve your descripstion better

Agree with Zeus…, portfolio is not very good

Is not your design…, it’s so irrelevant with your gig service…,
People will think that you offer a scam design by just copy and get from other people :frowning:

My Suggestion : Learn from your competitor popular gigs,
See what people like and try build decent portfolio…,

Wish you luck

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Because it’s a copyrighted image, and you’re not the copyright owner.

If you don’t understand what copyright is, anyone who buys from you is going to have huge legal problems.

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