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Hy i am having no order since why is this happening

hy i am having no order since why is this happening please can you tell me the reason

My personal hunch would be that the poor grammar and sentence structure in your gig descriptions slightly undermines your credibility as a professional writer with 8 years blogging and SEO experience.

That said, I could be wrong.

Why do these people always think they can write? Can’t you read actual professional writing and see that your own is a steaming pile of David Camerons? Go away.

I didn’t check your gigs out, but looking at the 2 replies I can tell that you are offering
writing gigs.
Just reading that one sentence you posted up there starting with “Hy” is the reason why you are not getting orders.
If you want orders, be sure to offer a service which you are good at.

You have one sentence in this post with at least 8 grammatical errors. In what language are you a professional writer? It’s spelled hi, H I. I dislike being so critical but I am curious why so many have writing gigs who cannot write. It’s puzzling. That’s why you have no orders.

I don’t have an issue with the “hy” oddly enough–I am exposed to so much awful English IRL that I find it amusing (griled shrips [grilled shrimp], lamp [lamb] curry and mellon’s ham [melon and ham] are all available at a taverna just down the road from me. The owner was devastated at my mirth until I told him that this was something most tourists love so he shouldn’t worry about it).

But if you wanna sell writing not delicious food, you have to do better. It’s that simple. Go learn better English then come back and try again instead of posting queries on the forum wondering where it all went wrong–it’s patently obvious to even the most casual observer.