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Hy, I'm new seller on Fiveer!

I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I’m looking for some good advices on how to get my first order?

Thanks in advance!


@asifshahbaz51 try to stay on online and send buyer request regularly

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Hello I am athoi. Nice to met you. I am also new seller at fiverr. Welcome to fiverr forum. Best wishes for your new journey. Work hard and stay safe, :blush::blush:


Welcome to fiverr forum…


These followings may help you to get started with fiverr:

  • Make sure you offer the right service to your clients. And to do that you may spend some times on conducting research on what’s the most popular niche on fiverr.
  • Choosing the right time to post. For new seller fiverr always try to uphold their services for the very first time, that may be a couple of hours or days, make it a best shot for to reach your first client.

For example: when you target corporate customer, weekday is the best time for it

  • Try to set the right image and copy for your Gigs
  • Creating multiple Gigs. because the more gigs you have the more possible response you will receive and the more chances someone will visit your profile.
  • your first sale on Fiverr. once your get the first order, try to provide your level best, because good ratings and positive comments of client would take you to the next level of sale!

Welcome to Fiverrr and my advice for you would be to constantly look in the buyers requests section

I suggest to be patient and keep hustling constantly.

I am also a new seller :slightly_smiling_face:

informative thank you so much.

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my pleasure :innocent:

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Hello, I am new to Fiverr, Looking for my first costumer ! Have a good night

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Welcome to fiverr forum community.

I am also a new seller that buyer request not showing why?

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@stergianakou Welcome To Fiverr Community