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Hy , My evaluation is ending on 15th dec, what should i do?

I have only 2 orders which i have completed, There is no more orders, how i will complete my valuation? Fiver is not giving me orders. Solution?

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You don’t have a time limit. You will just stay as you are.

It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

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Fiverr never gives order. Buyer will give the order. If your gig impression and click is ok you will get order soon. And there have no fix time also not fix position. So Don’t frustrate be patient. Best of Luck.

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But my level? Actually I am not getting any orders, 1st order was 12 days ago in last 3 months, second order was from my returning buyer. And after it, there are no clicks and orders.

Your level will stay where it is if you don’t meet the requirements for the next level.

It is reviewed every month. There no time limit to move up the levels.


That’s fine. If you don’t meet the requirement to move up a level, then you will just stay at the level that you are currently on! It won’t affect anything, you’ll just continue as usual!

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that is true, great explanation to that question