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Hyee i am new here


hyee i am new here .I have join fiverr from last 20 days but has no order. If anyone has tips plz guide me


Welcome . Now to get work in fiverr is very difficult . But don;t worry . keep running …


welcome to fiverr. If you want to sale in order, then you need to create quality gigs and also need to rank it on fiverr search. I think then you are must get orders.


Paul the :policeman:t3: has a plethora of tips for new sellers like you. He has gathered over 38 separate threads designed to help sellers.

Please be patient I was on Fiverr for 45 days before I got my first order. While I waited I improved my gig and read posts from the Forum to learn how Fiverr works and how to be a better seller. :slightly_smiling_face: