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I, a 10th grader, will draw and write for you

I’m a 10th grader and Im from the Philippines. Its been a while since I’ve been in this site and though many might deem my age inadequate, I’m hoping to use Fiverr to build successful transactions in the future, as a way to further hone my skills and be less dependent to my family.

As you might have already read, I can draw and write for you.

I am fond of drawing characters, and if you fancy it, I can draw you or anyone you want as an anime, manga, or cartoon character. Realistic portraits might not be my strong suit, but I will be happy to put in the effort for you.

I am fond of writing and I am the managing editor and feature writer of my school’s publication. I can write quality articles, scripts, speeches, poems, and any other creative writing request that you may have.

Lastly, I am a Filipino, so I can confidently and accurately translate Tagalog texts to English or vice versa.

Check out my gig if you want to have things translated!

But if you are interested in my writing and drawing works, please check out my other gigs!

For character drawings

For writing projects

For poetry ( I can do better)


That’s amazing to see a young talent like you,
Best of luck.

Stay blessed and safe.


Thank you! I was honestly expecting to be ignored haha… Your comment just made me want to work harder!


Those are some great drawings! Like, I can’t even draw a proper circle to save my life! Anyways good luck!


Always welcome brother, this is community where we should encourage each other.

Stay blessed and keep shinning.


Thank You! I actually sketched those in a hurry and all under 10 minutes so its not as detailed as the actual drawings that i offer. i just put those up for show and will change them later when I get the chance.

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oh wow, well good luck then…

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