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I absolutely hate the new fiverr formatt


This is not really a new discussion…I just wanted to say it.

I hate it. What is it called V2 blah blah. Don’t mean to offend those who like it.


I agree this new format is pretty bad


All I know is that since V2 came out, my impressions, views and sales are almost none existent.

With great feedback, excellent response time, great customer service … plus level 2 … I just don’t get it.

Its hurt me big time :frowning:


I’m basically lost my patience with the “new fiver” myself. It’s not so much the look and feel of the new site, but the whole fiverr experience has gone down the tubes for me.

My impressions, views and sales have only shrunk by a marginal degree, but what’s got me peeved off so much, I’m now looking at other sites like fiverr because it’s becoming too frustrating with fiverr.

I never had problems with gigs being accepted by the ‘content editors’ but for some reason they’re hell bent on not letting me include this video with my latest gig :

No different in content to any of the other video’s I’ve done, except I’ve spent a lot of time on it, and this one’s a bit shorter than most of the others I’ve done, running for 1:30sec and just 20Mb in size (well below the 50Mb file size limit)

Obviously, the dickheads don’t realize there’s a whole bunch of fiverr “clone” sites out there… …and continously rejecting a video that should not be rejected is not only denying me of income, but fiverr’s balance sheet as well. Where did the business sense go? I really enjoyed fiverr until recently, now I’m so frustrated, I’ve begun migrating my gigs to other sites.


The new Fiverr is absolutely horrible. Now they also include smarmy and snide remarks when you click on features, which are totally unnecessary. I don’t need to be reminded that I am “staying up too late,” or that it is “time for a cold beer.” Total nonsense! They must actually think that we users are really a bunch of losers.

If you have any money saved up in your revenues, you had better download it to your Paypal account in case this new lousy format takes the whole website down with it. I am seriously concerned and may be doing just that as soon as my latest set of gigs clears.


My orders have dropped tremendously since the new site became active. I have been a Top Seller for nearly 2 years. Unfortunately sales have dropped. Visibility has dropped as well. There definitely needs to be more tweaking done to this site. I notice it favors certain gigs. What is ironic, gigs that are not featured seem to have more visibility and much more sales. Has anyone else noticed this?