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I accidentally agreed to cancelling my order

Has anyone had a buyer cancel an order? I had this happen after submitting my work, then got a notification to include a response or it would be automatically cancelled. I did that right away, and now Fiverr has just cancelled it saying I agreed. Now the client has my work and I’m out of my pay. Fiver is saying there is nothing they can do but it was very unclear that by responding I was agreeing to cancel.

Has anyone had this happen? I feel like you should have a better opportunity to salvage a job you’ve worked hard on!


When a buyer sends a cancellation request, you’ll see two buttons: Accept / Reject. Unfortunately, you clicked the wrong one trying to send your response. :frowning:

There’s nothing anyone can do at this point (other than say the obvious thing about paying more attention if it happens again).

It sounds like the buyer would have left a poor review anyway if they jumped straight to trying to cancel instead of requesting a modification. Not saying they were in the right, but my advice is to just move on and forget it happened :slight_smile:

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The problem is I didn’t see those buttons. Just a box to explain my side of
the dispute. I assumed that would be reviewed and next thing I know it says
cancelled by mutual agreement.

I double there’s much I can do but wasted a day working on a project for
nothing. It was maybe a glitch in Fiverr but they don’t seem to interested
in helping.

Exactly what happened to me. I never clicked agree, I responded and wrote a sentence in the box and ot said I mutually agreed

When you write in that box, that means you agree.

You can write a separate message in the inbox or on the order page

How does writing something in a box = agreeing to cancel? I was simply responding to him. I did NOT mutually agree to cancel

Fiverr’s forms etc. are not always clear on first usage. It is nature of the beast. Not a great thing but they don’t see their forms and site the way new users do seeing they see it every day and know how things should work.

The tip is to slow down and if unsure seek advice - BEFORE - taking a wild chance.


I have immediately been moved to the bottom of results, I checked this morning. Weeks of completed orders, 5 star reviews and tips but because one order has been cancelled without my consent. I have been punished by being put all the way at the bottom, below the gigs with no reviews so that no one finds me. Simply because Fiverr didnt get $2 usd. The order was only for $10 :joy::rofl:

They got an F by the better business bureau in 2018. Im not surprised

There was no accept/reject option

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