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I accidentally agreed to cancelling my order


Has anyone had a buyer cancel an order? I had this happen after submitting my work, then got a notification to include a response or it would be automatically cancelled. I did that right away, and now Fiverr has just cancelled it saying I agreed. Now the client has my work and I’m out of my pay. Fiver is saying there is nothing they can do but it was very unclear that by responding I was agreeing to cancel.

Has anyone had this happen? I feel like you should have a better opportunity to salvage a job you’ve worked hard on!


When a buyer sends a cancellation request, you’ll see two buttons: Accept / Reject. Unfortunately, you clicked the wrong one trying to send your response. :frowning:

There’s nothing anyone can do at this point (other than say the obvious thing about paying more attention if it happens again).

It sounds like the buyer would have left a poor review anyway if they jumped straight to trying to cancel instead of requesting a modification. Not saying they were in the right, but my advice is to just move on and forget it happened :slight_smile:


The problem is I didn’t see those buttons. Just a box to explain my side of
the dispute. I assumed that would be reviewed and next thing I know it says
cancelled by mutual agreement.

I double there’s much I can do but wasted a day working on a project for
nothing. It was maybe a glitch in Fiverr but they don’t seem to interested
in helping.