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I accidentally approved sellers order

how can I rectify this issue ? The seller mentioned not to accept order , this is my first time using fiverr, it was a mistake on my end , do I have to request a new order all over ?


I would suggest to talk to Seller first and explain them your mistake with order approval.

You know, technically the order is completed and the only systematic way would be to ask CS for help. Bear in mind that CS are overloaded these days and their response may take longer than usual.

But since Seller seem to offer you free revision (seller mentioned not to accept order) I suppose they will likely make the required changes and deliver again outside of order process (attachement to message). This could be the most practical solution for everyone.

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Also, you should report the seller for delivering incomplete work as doing so is against the Terms of Service.

Write to Fiverr’s Customer Support here and explain your issue:

‘‘how can I rectify this issue ? The seller mentioned not to accept order , this is my first time using fiverr, it was a mistake on my end , do I have to request a new order all over ?’’

not sure how you reached to the conclusion that the seller delivered incomplete work … There’s nothing mentioned about that in the original post


If the seller delivered something that could be accepted and were telling the buyer NOT to accept the order, it was likely incomplete work delivered as a placeholder in order to buy more time. I have had that happen several times as a buyer.

no , not really we can’t know that

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What else would be the reason for telling a buyer not to accept an order?

I can’t possibly know that either … I am not that seller and the OP is not my buyer so… I was just saying that there wasn’t anything mentioned about an incomplete order

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  • The buyer mentions upfront that they’ll probably need a revision at some point before the delivery is even made.

  • The buyer mentions upfront that they’ll probably need to buy an extra at some point before the delivery is even made.

  • The buyer is difficult and anticipating future trouble, the seller prefers to handle them and their revisions, messages and extras on the order’s page and not be bothered in their inbox after the order is long complete (which is, ironically, what will end up happening either way here).

  • other legitimate reasons I can’t think of right now.

Hi noora, this isn’t much information to work with.

Was the delivery time already up, so the seller just delivered whatever “to make the clock stop”? Or did they want to send you the maybe completed work to get your approval or to make changes, depending? Did they tell you to not accept the delivery in the delivery message itself, or after the delivery, because they only then noticed that a file was missing? …

Did they give any reason at all for telling you to not accept the delivery?

(There aren’t really many, if any, at least not legitimate/“to the protocol” reasons to deliver and at the same tell the customer to not accept the delivery. From Fiverr’s side, sellers are only to deliver completed orders, full stop; if a seller can’t make the deadline because of unforeseen circumstances, for instance, there are procedures like requesting a delivery time extension)

In any case, as I see it, there are two things that can happen now:

either the seller will deliver “again” at some point, to specs (they could do that via inbox, once you had an order with a seller, they can contact you via inbox, even if contact prior to that was just via order page) and, well, “allow you” to accept their delivery, I guess, or at least not tell you to not accept it :wink: and you’ll be satisfied with the delivery;

or they might not deliver to specs, or even never deliver, it probably doesn’t happen often, but it apparently does happen, in which case you can and should contact support to get a refund.

Keep in mind that you have only 10 days to leave feedback, and that sellers who deliver incompletely, or nothing, just “to stop the clock” might also try to stall the delivery on purpose until that window has passed. If you feel you have any responsibility, like if you didn’t respond timely if they needed any info/files/whatever from you, or such, and you don’t want to go to support with this, maybe set an ultimatum for a delivery date, so you’ll at least have the option to leave feedback, in case the seller won’t keep up their end of the bargain.

Of course, if the seller indeed just delivered to stop the clock, and you’ll end up with no delivery, or a delivery that isn’t what the gig outlined (or your agreement with the seller in case of a custom order), you can always go to support later, I guess your chance to get a refund then is 100% in the former, close to 100% in the latter case, never mind if you accidentally clicked on “Accept” or not.


You accepted it. If it’s just a mistake, the seller should complete the order. As I don’t know what was the service, I think the delivery can be done. As example, I’m a web designer. If my buyer do the mistake, I would complete my work on his website. If there’s nothing to do, you can place another order and get both orders done. And if the seller doesn’t agree to cooperate, you can ask for refund and report him for not completing work. But as a seller, I would recommend you not to report or give bad review without his fault as these affects very badly to the sellers.