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I accidentally cancelled an order that I had already completed!

(sorry for no grammar i think im having a panic attack)

okay so i really needed the money (30 dollars) right now, and i just accidentally agreed to cancel because i read it wrong, and i have already completed the work, and sent them it… they couldve taken it and just cancelled without paying and i really want to protect my work.

i had an old fiverr account i closed due to stress of things like this and its just come straight back… someone help me the order number is

edited the bcategory because i was just in a hurry

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Cancelled by accident ! :hushed:
.I think you will not get the money back . However now you can contact CS .This is the last option .

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okay, they kept threatening me for me to add free xbox support by cancelling and i had already finished the project

edit how do i contact them?

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Here is the link: