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I accidentally deactivated my account. How to reactivate it?

Hi everyone, few days ago i deactivated my old account and started this new account. I wanted to change my username. But when i made my gig in this account, fiverr removed it saying that images and designs are not original. They are mine original images. I created them. I created same gig as my old gig in old account. Is it because of that? Thats why i thought of getting my deactivate account back. If i had to contact CS how can i? From which account should i report them. I can’t do it from old account because it is not openable. Please help me up here.

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Yes, you should only open a new account with CS’s permission. Yes the restrictions are indeed because of your previous account. Yes, you can still reach out to CS by opening a new ticket, though it may take a few weeks for them to get back to you.

from where should i start a new ticket from this account?


Hi Hammad,

You should have confirmed and taken guidelines about changing the username and how to do it. Now, when you have lost your previous account, it can only be made again wo so hard labor and with Customer Support permission. Be careful from now onwards and begin to prepare 7 gigs efficiently.