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I accidentally sent a buyer the wrong file and all hell broke loose

Like my title says… Buyer requested a story, I wrote it, but I accidentally sent the wrong file to him. I should have checked the file names better I guess, but I had no idea it would cause this much trouble, especially since I sent him the right file not too long after.

Now I’ve had a warning sent to me this morning. I have no idea how Fiverr even found out about this mistake. Argh, so annoyed. Again, I should have checked the file names properly, but I can’t believe I’ve been given a warning over a silly, easy to fix mistake. Very frustrating :confused:

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Possibly depends on what you sent by mistake?

If somebody received a sample of your ‘fantasy erotica’ when they were expecting a ‘top 10 list’ for example, then they may have got a bit confused. Also, of course, is the whole confidentiality thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone asked for erotica and got a super PG, borderline Disney movie sounding story, so I doubt they were going into cardiac arrest or anything.

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Oh well - maybe they were just disappointed they got the wrong thing and complained to CS.


People are so sensitive lately. This could have been avoided if they just used the request modification option or if they bothered to send you a message. This would have been much easier than to report you for a mistake.


Careful. Someone could find that offensive. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a growing problem. Also, the most ‘sensitive’ are often the most inconsiderate. The minute I have a life coach or self-empowerment/positive thinking guru reach out requesting work, I run a mile.

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Yeah this is probably what happened. I’m sure if you explain to your buyer and CS everyone will understand.

I’ve tried explaining it to them but they’re not having it. They haven’t been helpful at all :frowning:

The thing is they did ask for a modification where they told me what I sent had nothing to do with their request. I thought that was weird because I knew I definitely met their criteria, so I checked the file, and yup, it was the wrong one. I apologised and sent the right one a couple days ago and then I got the warning this morning :confused: So yeah, super annoyed.

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Any thoughts about this?

Reminds me of the time someone orderd an article about developing with server end development and ended up with a copy of my PG21 Fairy Tail fanfic. That ended up being pretty fun also one of my most weird cancellations.

The buyer must have just reported me I guess.

A related issue is when attaching files for delivery, it only shows the first approx 9 characters from the file name, then the extension. Though when it’s actually delivered it shows the full file name if you hover the mouse over it, I don’t think it does when actually attaching (though I could be wrong). So if you have multiple files all with the same first approx 9 letters, it might be hard to confirm the file names before delivering because they don’t always get fully shown.

Basically it would help if Fiverr showed the full file names when attaching in deliveries, or more characters from them, to ensure all the necessary files are delivered.

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I want to read your PG21 Fairy Tail fanfic. Is this available anywhere? Or would I need to place an order for some back end server development? - Serious question.

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That’s a shame, I hope things work out for the best soon.

Even if it was not your fault (or at least, it was not on purpose) Fiverr sees it as a violation of their TOS when you deliver a ‘fake’ file to game the system.

It’s just bad luck that the buyer complained to CS, otherwise nothing would have happened.
I think almost everybody on Fiverr has had this kind of thing happening at least once. We are all humans, and humans make mistakes…

The best thing is that you learned the hard way to check twice if you have delivered the right file from now on :slight_smile: