I achieved my level one


Yahooooooo!Today I advanced to level one!!! :D/


Reply to @nicred: http://fiverr.com/photostar1/share-in-3-large-fb-groups

see this one I can help you to get to the level two and you also can help me to get to the level two


=; Congrats!!!


Congratulations. Keep delivering quality. Promote your gigs and achieve greater success.

Good luck.


That is the start of something big! Or should I say, the Start of something GIG (extras that is)


Reply to @photostar1: You know what would really HELP? Stop spamming the forum!!


Congratulations !


Congrats :smiley:

I’m close to that


Reply to @flyby: What are you tips for promoting gigs. I have great social media network however co-workers (boss too) are very engaged with me there, so I do not want to utilize it right now.





Thank you all!!!



Congrats! buddie… ;))


Congratulations. I’m looking forward to reaching the same milestone. Best of luck in your endeavors.