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I activated gig packages but my gig extras disappeared?

I thought that if I activated gig packages, I would get to keep my gig extras. I did it in my brand names gig, but the gig extras disappeared. Did I make a mistake?

My gig with packages has (or had) extras when I made it. I did notice something when I looked at a gig I was interested in buying tonight. It didn’t have any extras and I thought that was odd, but I dismissed as the seller’s intention.

Update: I just looked at my gig with packages and the extras are missing. My profile has also changed again. It’s not the old one, but it’s also a little different from that “test” profile they had up for a week or two.

So you’re not the only one? That is scary. Well, I wrote to customer service, see what’s going on. Maybe Fiverr is updating things once again.

Ironically, yesterday that gig only got 1 order, today it got 4. So I guess packages do increase sales. Maybe it’s the Costco philosophy, by making customer choose between 3 products in one category as oppose to 100 different bottles of Ketchup, the customer can make a choice faster.

Could be. The only gig I have packages on is getting more sales than it used to, but I also edited the wording and offerings when I made it, so I’m not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg. If you get any news from CS, I’m interested. The lack of extras hasn’t affected my sales and people usually didn’t buy my extras, they just got a different package. Still, I want every option I can get!

When you activate your packages the only time your gig extras become visible is when you click on one of the packages ;).

You’re right! I opened my gig on another browser and chose the Bronze option, then I saw all the gig extras. Thanks for the tip.

my gig extras are not showing up either. Only 1 shows up. I checked off the other 5 but every time i hit save, they disappear. Did you have the same thing happen to you?

I discover the gig extras show when a buyer places an order. It’s weird, it reminds me of travel websites where you choose your plane ticket, hotel, and then they ask you if you want a limo ride from the airport, a show here, an excursion to the grand canyon, etc.

It doesn’t make any sense to me why people can’t see extras.
I rarely do any $5 orders so the thought that my extras don’t show is not something I look forward to.

You’re right. It’s buying blind without knowing what you will get.

Yeah, sometimes the changes Fiverr makes don’t make sense. I don’t even line the online indicator, I think it has the potential of hurting sales and it encourages buyers to communicate before they order.

I don’t know why Fiverr is always changing, why can’t they show packages AND gig extras? Why do we have to sacrifice one to get the other?

Yes, packages work, sometimes I feel guilty when buyers choose gig extras that were already covered in the package. Some buyers don’t read more or get too excited, so I end up having to do more work for them, or I can just do what I was hired to do.

In a way, I can understand why packages get more sales. Packages are very easy on the eyes, it’s easier to see three columns than read a to of gig extras.