I actually designed this cover photo? how can I prove that? I'm getting a warning to change the gig?


BUT I actually designed this cover photo? how can I prove that?


I’m getting a Your Gig needs some tweaking before it can go live.

We will review your Gig again after the following changes are made:

The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged for copyright infringement. Please replace your Gig image, keeping in mind that all images must be your original work and made in the same standard and quality as the results you will be providing to your customers. Using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet or an image that you bought from a different seller, may mislead buyers. This can lead to negative reviews and cancellations from buyers…


contact CS and tell them you created it then ask them for proof if they argue about infringement


Is the photo in the background yours? That would be the only reason I can think of.

If it is yours, and you added the logo and text, then you can just proof all the evidence to Customer Support.


I am mailing a handwritten postcard from Colombia. The cover photo I submitted is a clear hi-res image my friend took with my camera of me with a group of Colombian dancers. It is sized for the cover and has no copyright except my own :wink: It was rejected. Any ideas? Thanks, I’m brand new to Fiverr.