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I actually want to know the exact information about IP Address

I would like to ask all the experience member of fiverr:

  1. Can I run only one account on one computer with a shared IP? Or need a real IP?

  2. Can I use the same internet line in case I open another account on another computer in my office? Or do you need a new different line?

I actually want to know the exact information about IP Address.


#facepalm wait… no…


You can have only ONE Fiverr account. Any more than that will get you banned. There are no exceptions.


You can’t have more than one account for yourself. But more than one account can be run on one ip address. for example if your brother/sis or any other family member want to open fiverr account then that’s fine.

Make sure to have real identity who is going to open account. then you will not get banned

Why would Fiverr screen your IP activity if they would be ok with you pretending you have a different IP?

Think about it. Doesn’t make sense does it?

Either you’re not using common sense or you think were here to help you find a way to break the rules.

And you would know the rules if you actually read them.

Stop trying to find ways the system. It won’t help you sell more. Trust me. Silly tricks like this don’t work. Only creating a viable service does that.

Thank you everyone for giving me advice.

Yes, you can IF you get permission from CS. Otherwise you run the risk of one or both accounts getting banned.