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I added video and description to my gig. I got views but why it's not get sold?


Hello there,
Please check my gigs and suggest me which things I need to improvise to getting sell. I am tried to sell my gig for quite a long. Sometimes buyer messages me. We had a discussion about the project, everything goes well but all of a sudden buyers didn’t respond and I could not make sells. Your valuable suggestion regards this will highly appreciate. Thanks.


Ok, here are some quick tips:

  • The video looks bad, you better remove it. Low quality, only good to see in full screen + watermark on the right side. Not good.

  • Check your text description, there are errors in it. “I can convert any PSD templet to HTML & bootstrap too. If you need to cade message me.” is one example.

  • :heavy_check_mark:️Free lifetime support after the sale.” are you sure? If that’s what you claim, that is what you must offer. But think about the fact that this can translate in a lot of people coming over and over again endlessly with silly questions/changes. And you will be obligated to keep your word.

  • “How can I see your portfolio? Please inbox me for the portfolio.” If I click your faq on this question, I want to see some examples. Ofc, you need to use the links that Fiverr TOS allows.

  • “ui ux” tag is much better than “ui/ux”.

Good luck :+1::v:


Thanks manucornel for your tips. I am going to revise my gig accordingly.