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I aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Was I wrong?

So this just happened.

I completed an order and asked if there should be any reason not to leave a 5 star review, please let me know so I can fix it and make us both happy.

The buyer then leaves a 3 star review and gives her reason as:

"thank you for the services provided.

I scored each area as satisfactory.

There wasn’t anything else you could do to improve the score."

I reply:

“In that case I would prefer to refund you”

Since the customer is not 100% happy.
In my mind, I won’t keep the money if they’re not 100% pleased with my service, but guess what!

The buyer refused to accept the refund and went on to say that they are going to request that I be banned from fiverr.

Attached is a screen shot. (Hope you can see it) Am I wrong?

This was my reply:

Time to buckle up and approach customer support. Although maybe read my post before you do that and ponder how to deal with that. The buyer does look like he has good potential to meltdown and get abusive though, which would help. To ban them. But I think you’re stuck with an unfair shitty review. Unless they have a meltdown and change it to a screechy, unfair and abusive 1-star review, but it’s all too much hassle really isn’t it?

The bad buyers are out in force at the moment! Thin smiles of weariness for all!

Just read you post, now I’m thinking I hope I don’t get a support agent who is having a bad day :smiley:

Ideally, you want to aim for Bob. He’s usually great. I’m not sure what time he usually works, but maybe in a couple of hours? Bob enjoys small chat between the CS and is always super helpful with me. If you get Bob, you will be golden.

My fingers are crossed… Universe, send me Bob :smiley:

Customer support handled this smoothly, I got a very pleasant Tara. She was great.
The buyer seems to have gone bonkers though, they keep messaging me. Now they want fiverr to compensate them for lost time.

Attached is what last one says :smiley:

Ah, it’s so sweet when they show their true colors.

You forgot to edit out the name in the red bit, btw. Was he a $5 buyer?

EDIT: I googled the name because I’m bored. Not much to bite on, but I’m very amused that he (or at least his name is associated with) someone who is/was languishing in a Texan jail for “driving while suspended”. Probably not the same guy, but amusing nonetheless.

I see customer support refunded the buyer. They see these types all the time.

Thanks for pointing that out @emmaki.

Yes @misscrystal, they got the refund and now want more… sigh.

Maybe I should have just absorbed those 3 stars and kept the $25.

Attached is the reply.

Probably not… It’s a she.

I’m so taken up with this war going on here with happydeeds… lol

I´m sorry that happened to you. I don´t understand why the buyer won´t accept a refund and insist to keep the review instead.

I have no idea why, but another strange thing that probably help me make the decision to refund was the thumbs down thingy. At first it was 3 stars them it was the thumbs down.

See the attached.

Well I mean he appears to be accusing you of something you most likely didn’t do, but in that visitation I would have explained the cancellation in more depth, similar to what you have here in the forum. That you want to provide 100% satisfactory experience, and you are happy to refund.

That being said, I guess you may have taken back your work while the refund request was pending? Possibly what set him off, even if it was your right to remove your work. I might have waited for them to accept the cancellation, and report to CS with proof if they don’t delete it.

It looks suspicious to me. It could be a competitor or simply someone who is unpleasant to work with.

That must be a bug to have the thumbs down sign. You could ask customer support about it.

Sorry this is happening to you! We all get nasty buyers at times. It’s very distressing I know.

Just so happens a reason was given. It’s because they didn’t like my style of communicating, but they tolerated it…. Whatever that means.

See attached.

@bolharr2250, I asked if there would be a reason for a less than 5 star review to let me know what the problem is so I can fix it. They had no reason besides the one stated above.

Last night in the forum, however, I see that the other reason was that they didn’t really like my style of communicating, but they tolerated it…. Whatever that means.

CS took care of this minor problem for me in record time. (within minutes)

I deleted the Fb page I created as soon as I realized I had a problem buyer. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to do this out of 1705 orders since 2012.

I wondered if that was your buyer.

Huh, yeah. I imagine he was mad about you deleting the page. I guess it is easier for me to withhold product (I do web dev), but I’m sure you learned a bit from this and know to avoid him as a buyer.

Communication is a minefield, especially with only text. But its impossible to predict what your client wants exactly, and sometimes you don’t mesh well together.