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I aint selling much

Hello, I aint selling much on Fiverr, can anyone check out my profile n gig then tell me if i lack somewhere.


  1. You have only one gig. You can add up to 7. Add more gigs and cross sell products.
  2. There days all the sellers are in big problem because Fiverr is messed up a bit. So don’t frustrate. Do what you get best.

Good luck.

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@christina123 is right create more gigs. You can also check top gigs related to your services and check how they have optimized their gigs with keywords and description. I hope it will help you

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I was going through your gig and you have mentioned some issues what could be solved by your service. This looks like jack of all trades. I think that should be more classified. Like "_

I Will Make An Extremely Powerful Working Magick Sigil for Anger control

_" or something like this

“I Will Make a Magick Sigil to get your Ex Back”

. People love to order more classified service. And, you should add a video and mentioned how your gig could solve their specific personal issues. Then, do some social media advertisement. Hope this will help you to get good amount of order.

Best wishes for your business :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip buddy 🖒

Can you tell me how to use keywords and stuff? im a new seller.

you can search in fiverr with different keywords For example I am wordpress developer so I will search for “wordpress websites” , “Wordpress”, “Wordpress themes” etc and then you can select top gigs(with more than 100 reviews and lot of orders in queue) returned from search result then analyze those gigs and check their keywords and then you can use those keywords in your gigs

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