I almost cnt belis is becomming. this eive how great th [FAT LOSS]


Fiverr fatsos, this is your time to shine. It is March. It’s time to eive how great th your desire to lose weight is.

I plan to sulk all day because I will go shopping later and it will be tedious exercise in “no”. Plus the deli guy willl tempt me with his meat and cheese selection.

I almost forgot, that’s the name of this club in the subject header. Unspeakable joy and nubility will be ours.


I read “nubility” as “nudity.” That too.


I don’t think I can remember the name of the club. Will that be a problem?

March 1 didn’t go well:
Breakfast - weetbix
Lunch - left over chinese take-away
apres-lunch - Crunchie
Dinner - fajita, Roti (yes, I do like to mix my cultures thank you very much)
Wine, KitKat

Must do better.


Thanks for the first laugh of the day.

Breakfast: marble cake
Snack time: marble cake
lunch break: hotdog
sortakinda tea time, right now: marble cake
Dinner will be: sushi and other assorted treats, all you can eat.

But I’m the skinniest guy I know.
I’ll show myself out.


I’m guessing you like marble cake?


I baked one yesterday


wine and kitkat?? Sounds great to me!!! :heart_eyes:


Morning: 3 boiled eggs
Afternoon: Roti + Veggies (curry)
Night: Veggie salad with cottage cheese.

Lots of coffee and 3 bananas in between.

(I know, that’s a great diet, but no time to exercise…that will start in April.)