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I (almost) got level 1 seller after 1 month?

Gaaaaahhh! I was SO CLOSE to achieving Level 1 Seller status after taking Fiverr seriously for one month!

Okay, I know this might sound crazy seeing as you need to be on the platform for 60 days to achieve that status, but let me explain-

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I created my Fiverr account in October, but didn’t officially start working full-time/part-time on the platform till the middle of last month.

I had a HUGE order that I was set to complete in a couple days that would have been the final piece of the puzzle that I needed to achieve all the requirements needed to be prompted. So I didn’t think I’d get promoted during this seller evaluation set for today, and I in no way wanted to compromise the integrity of the project just to get promoted.

BUT I finished the project ahead of time and I was happy I got to submit it earlier then expected. But before I could finish uploading it, the clock timer for evaluation reset and I missed my window!

It hurts so bad! XD
Guess I have to wait again for a whole nother month and hope nothing goes wrong with my rating till then :crossed_fingers:

My question to any of you reading, how would you have reacted to this situation? Kindly vote below to let me know!

  • I Would’ve Rushed To Get The Seller Promotion.
  • No. Seller integrity is EVERYTHING to me.

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Thank you for reading and have a great day! :two_hearts:

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