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I already create Three Gigs

I am waiting for an order. Please Help me.
what can I do?


First, remember this: quality > quantity. Which means, if you want to create and maintain 3 gigs, make sure they’re well built, with quality titles, images/videos, description, along with FAQs and all that.

After that, it is time to promote: take advantage of the major social medias (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…), this will help you reaching a wider target audience.

Last step: never give up, be patient, don’t stop promoting your gigs, be proactive instead of waiting for people to come and buy your services.

Best of luck, I wish you a successful career!


Hi there…,
I have look at your gigs etc,
You already have 14 reviews…? But none of your review comes from this 3 gig?
What happend with your previous gigs?

your portfolio is good,

You should build your fags better…,
for example :
Final result? Full layered?
How money back guarantee work?
Satisfaction guarantee work?

you could learn from your main competitor about this :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice

Thanks for your info

You man gave me a nice way to relearn how fiverr marketplace work. Thank you.

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