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I always feel bad when client's ask for revisions

I always try to do my best and have a lot of positive reviews but every time a client asks for revisions I can’t help but feel bad…

I know that I can’t be perfect every time, no matter how much I try, but my anxiety always hits me like a ton of bricks when things like this happen.

P.S: Anyone has any tips on how to avoid/ deal with spelling mistakes?

: (

i find that if you take a break at reading over your work, and then come back to it later, it can be easier to pick up mistakes. otherwise having someone to proofread your work is also helpful :slight_smile:

dont stress about revisions! sometimes clients expect us to read their mind, and instructions are open to interpretation, so if 5 people worked with the same instructions, none of them would look exactly alike :slight_smile:

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Grammarly is great for spellos and dubious word useificationism.

Yes, some times revisions will be a given. Either because the brief was poor or they see what cool work you did and have an even better idea.

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I actually have been trusting Grammarly too much recently, I noticed it is letting a couple spelling mistakes slip me by.

You don’t want to take it personal, you have to accept it and move on if a buyer need a revision doing it with a smile.

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