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I am 1 day old. Fiverr is quite alluring i must say


i think i have been sitting here almost for 8 hours now. still somethings are not clear. Buyer request section i didn’t understood. still trying to get the methodology of success in fiverr. Posted a gig. Architecture and beyond…!! a rendered video is on moderation it says. when will it show in my gig? will it ever??


Welcome to Fiverr. Buyer Requests is where people are looking sellers to help them with a particular project. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the Fiverr Academy. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr!
After posting your first Gigs, you may look a little around to see how things work.
I understand that the Buyers Request section is actually chaotic because it is supposed to be a place where buyers ask for help, and you can see sellers offering their services (which it should not be allowed). Normally you have to read what buyers want or need, and send your offer to the ones that fit your skills.
It will take a while until things work faster! but in the meantime do not sit and wait, that won’t work here! Try to learn and improve by reading the forums and Fiverr Academy.


Welcome to the forum newly born. Fiverr is oh so enchanting! You’ll be mesmerized by the townsfolk and their offerings. :relaxed:

A few good reads below to get you started.






By the way. I forgot to say … I like your style! :slight_smile:


thank you guys… but meanwhile i just got pissed at fiverr and opened an account at upwork as well. wish me luck. let’s see which give’s me the first commission. afterall we all would’ve been corporate slaves. freelancing feels less a slavery to me. yet you are enslaved by this websites. haha


gee… thnx. can i send u a frnd request here??


So all this drama because you cannot wait? How long? 3 hours? Impatient like a little child…
Freelancing is not slavery, slavery is forcing yourself to work just for $$ and not because you love what you do!


i got pissed cz it isn’t as user friendly… has some flaws… as a ‘newbie rookie’ i did tend to get a bit confused… at times i felt like the buyer while surfing through… i’m definitely patient… that’s why i’m simultaneously surfing through fiverr and upwork… wish me luck… peace… if my work of passion is related to a platform… i will worship it and wouldn’t spread hate. thank you.


1205 reviews!!! seriously, you must be a millionaire by now… haha


Oh, there is no hate in my posts…
Just sympathy degree that decreases proportionally to certain levels of impatience
Alles gut!


can i know how long it took for you to get the first breakthrough? was it luck or was it something you worked your way into?? And at the end of the day is it worth it…??


I bet you cannot compare Fiverr now with when I first started…
I had my first order after 2 days of joining Fiverr and made my first $100. Luck? Maybe, but the number of sellers at that time was way lesser as there are now. Competition is harder now for newbies.


do you maintain multiple accounts as in are you active elsewhere or did you settle down once you saw you made quite a place here??? my purpose of knowing these from you is, whether i should stick with one with all the patience or should i attempt elsewhere alongside?? i mean i know i have serving caps. it seems i need your advice. make me your apprentice lol… i’ll share 20% of my first 5 commissions… lol


Hard to say, as it depends mostly on you.
I have a normal work, and Fiverr. I don’t have time for more, or multiple accounts on different platforms.
I could certainly work less in my normal job and have free time, because like you’ve said I’m more or less settled here and I make a respectable amount of $$.
How much time do you want to invest? that’s all up to you. But note that new accounts face hard competition, and you may be waiting for your first order even months… it’s up to you how you can promote your business in order to get more work and faster.


i still have two semesters left in my varsity. I already do freelancing around my city. Everything was going fine until i suddenly took a decision against my family to marry the love of my life. Responsibilities are taken and i’m in love with the struggle i face in my life just to bring food to the table. Thanks for your insights. I hate capitalism as an ideology and i want to change the system. €i am a man of vision and rational thinking. I believe in god and i believe in destiny. i’m an emotional being. my work is directly connected with my ego & personality. The work i do is a mark of myself.I tried and failed to compromise on designs. I want to see the world change for the greater good. at the end of the day everyone has three questions… where did i come from? where will i go? what will i do in the middle?.. i think i’ve stayed up too long… lol


At some point of our lives we need to settle down and take our responsibilities as adults, with all that comes with them. I’m sure we all had those periods in our lives where we looked more to success and make $$ than being happy and follow your wishes to work on what you like doing.
There are priorities though, I understand you cannot wait months to start seeing some results here, but what can I say? In your case I surely would do the same: spread profiles around few platforms and concentrate in the one that works better for me. As you do that, don’t forget to be always positive… a negative view of the world nowadays is almost inevitable, but your inner world should be in peace if you do what you consider is correct.


This business is interesting. I’m new to freelancing, but so far it seems to require a lot of patience. I hope in the near future that success might just happen. Being where I’m at, I got a long way to go. Of course, a job separate from this site is in order at least for a while, but competition I’ve noticed is pretty competitive. I’ll probably do a lot of effort to get money rolling, but I’m not here to do this just for the money, but also much more about the enjoyment of doing something that I love.