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I am 13 and need help with the form w- 9

I am 13 so I can’t do the form w- 9, i don’t know what do to so if someone could please help me. Everything time I search up on this people just say to do the form.

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what question are you stuck on?

All of the w9 form stuff

I’m not from the USA so I don’t exactly know how to help , apolgies

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I found an example sheet if it helps ?

send it to me, maybe it will help

I don’t know if I can but I can do it manually:

This was the business one: w-9-form-fillable-printable-irs-template-online-2018-2019-2020-w9-printable-blank.gif (1602×2092) (

But in theory just ask your parents / Guardians for help

I don’t have ssn and other things but other people say to put their parents but my parents say that I could get in trouble for using their’s and puting my name.

@vickiespencer , is it possible for some light on the situation please , you are one of the only smart i know who can help . Please and sorry .

This is an issue for Customer Service. They can be reached at

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thanks for the help.

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