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I am 13 years old artist, please give me feedback

Hello, I am 13 years old and I loved drawing towns and cities in the way I have drawn them ever since I was 8 years old. Now I started my account and it would be helpful if someone could give me some feedback and even how to improve my art:) .


Dear Kirch:

I suggest that you change your profile image.

I suggest that you research to determine your target audience.

Your particular art style is not to my taste, so I can’t really give you helpful feedback as far as that goes.

Three things you can do:

Look at lots of art and art books.

Watch artist tutorials, like Bob Ross or Sister Wendy Beckett.

Draw! Draw like the wind!

Finally, you might want to consider learning to draw portraits or caricatures of people or pets.

Good luck,


Thank you for your review and that you took your time to write it. I will try and improve my account and my art:).

Welcome to the forum.
I really like the style and can see how it would be useful to many people in terms of things like social media posts etc.
I suggest that you create some more samples and get some better photos of them as the lighting is poor in those images. My art is limited to stick men and blocky houses so I won’t even try advise on that but I would say that you should extend your portfolio, add some more info in your description and explain how you deliver the order.

For example, I would not be happy to receive an image where the light is not good and the page is slightly skewed (second image).
Some other ideas would be to have different packages such as $5 for one character, $10 for 3 characters/1 character +background, $25 for character, background and full color etc. Think about how long each one takes you and set a price for them. I assume full color takes much longer - so you should charge for it!
Beyond that, consider offering different styles like crayon drawing, colored pencil drawing, normal pencil with crayon coloring etc. These could add some more authenticity to a child-like style as smaller kids draw with crayons - they don’t do outlines with pencil and then color in.
Best of luck!


Thank you for the advice, you recommended some pretty good ideas. I will start some of the changes.

Best regards, Leander

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