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I am 16 and already writing my debute book

I have been passionate about reading and writing since childhood.
That’s why I guess I explored and developped my vocation from a very young age.
I write poetry starting from 5$ and for 24h delivery time about any subject or topic.
If you want to take a glance on my writing style,
Then check out my IG: hakimpoetry
And my youtube channel where I drop poetic funny videos about personal growth and a variety of subjects in a storytelling way!
Would love to work for you, just check contact me and we will start the work right away!

My poetry Gig

I think your short story gig could cause some confusion. 500 words is more like flash fiction. A short story is more like 10,000 words.

And something about you reminds me of another user of the forums…

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Well, now that I think about it more, I guess you are probably right. Thank you so much for your remark! I will take it in consideration for sure and try to improve it!
have a great day!