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I am 6 gig create bute no Oder please help me

Hello guys I am MD Rakibull Islam professional Graphic designer and Logo Design.
I am 6, gig create bute no oder I think here help me you all guys please.


My fiverr link:

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First improve your English language skills. Otherwise, you will not be able to communicate better with your incoming customers.

Good luck!


First of all, creating 6 gigs doesn’t guarantee receiving orders, you also need to works hard to get clients.
Secondly, you have only 8 min read time which means that you only created this topic and didn’t even bother to read the forum to see if there are any other good tips for you to grow your business.
Please take your time to read and invest your time into educating yourself, that’s also part of your business.

Good luck.


Taking a system (keep learning) better than taking goals.
Because the mindset learner can makes goals :wink:

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