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I am a baby on Fiverr, how can I get orders?

Maybe someone can help me

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Thank you for your answer

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Hi dmitryguitar,

Welcome to the fiverr world. Your guitar looks cool, I can’t take off my eyes from it​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Try to make cool gigs with gig video. If you have chosen music category then you should make a small video of playing guitar less than 75 sec. I think it will look cool.

Sorry I don’t know what you are going to sell here but still you can make cool gig videos to attract buyers.

Best of luck :+1:

Hi! Thank you for the hint I’m glad you liked it! Yes, all my gigs with videos where I play and in General I plan to sell guitar solos and parts. I hope everything works out! Good luck to you!