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I am a beginner in fiverr, do promotion now! Create 2 colorful QR codes for half price, only $5!

I am a new beginner in fiverr, I want to do the promotion for my gig, create 2QR codes for your business, now half price, only $5!!

I will do colourful QR for your business, website, Phone Numbers, URL-s, Text, Digital Business Card ,facebook page, etc.

QR Codes can generate more traffic when you have QR codes printed in business cards, flyers, mailers, window clings, magazines, newspapers, menus, t-shirts, advertisements, product packaging, signs & more!

By incorporating QR codes into any kind of print media you use, your customer doesn’t have to dial any numbers or even click anything to get where they want to go (or where you want them to go). They don’t have to fumble around for a notebook and pen to write down your URL, phone number or physical address.

These positive first impressions actually do bring people into your store. The numbers are telling: 94% of mobile users look for local information on their smart phones—66% of those people actually visit.

To put your QR code on the back of your business card, so that when people scan the code, it immediately takes the user to the site.

I am very new here. I generate QR Code. Can you any good advice for me. Your advice will be valuable for me please Thanks

@abirijal I think the original post was classed as advertising, which is against fiverr’s TOS

According to your suggestions I have changed my post. Thanks

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