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I am a buyer.. but i need help

So I accidently think I bought something however. the order says in complete. I messaged the seller and he said as long as I don’t fill out requirements I wont be charged. Is that correct ?



Did you fill out credit card/PayPal details? If you did so, you were charged.

Hi @ginozabala ,
You can find more about your issue at Fiverr Help center. I checked it and here is link which could help you

As you see, If you have linked some payment option (Step 4), Fiverr will charge you, then you go to fill requirements.

If you don’t have clear situation after this, it would be perfect to contact Fiverr Buyer Support!



Any problem first time knock seller then not response go to fiverr support center. Thanks

I did but it doesn’t look like ive been charged at all … yet? Does it take time or something. I went to the seller but he declined the cancelation… twice cause itll “hurt his reputation”

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You should contact Customer Support, explain everything including that you haven’t been charged yet.