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I am a buyer on Fiverr 2 days before I purchased someone's gig seller delivered the order

Hi, I am a buyer on Fiverr 2 days before I purchased someone’s gig seller delivered the order and I accept the delivery, meanwhile, by mistake, I closed my buyer account after this seller contacted me from another account he asked me why you closed the account because your order’s payment was on clearance the question is if I don’t want to reactivate the account can seller get the order payment? if I reactivate the account again can I cancel that order?


As far as I know, Seller will get his payment, but I’m not sure,
And you will not be able to reactivate your account anymore if you deactivate it.


Account deactivation is not a one click process. Before deactivation account, everybody must define a reason of account deactivation. So there is no opportunity to deactivate account by mistake.

This is a very suspicious activity. Why you want to cancel the order after getting delivery from seller?

If you don’t pay to seller, then it is a cheating activity from you.
You have got delivery from seller. So You should must pay to seller.
Fiverr is one of the best platform. Fiverr is not for cheaters.
We want trusted business relationship between buyers ans sellers. So help for keeping trusted relationship.

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