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I am a Certified and Professional Nutritionist

:kissing_heart: Iā€™m a Malaysian Registered Nutritionist (NSM Membership No. O2485) graduated with an Honours degree in BSc Food Science and Nutrition. I have a 10 years working experience (2010-2020) as a Senior Nutritionist with Ministry of Health Malaysia and I have a great passion for promoting easy to understand nutrition and diet tips. My aim is to motivate and inspire you to lead a healthier and subsequently happier life, one step at a time through my nutrition consultation and healthy recipes.

:question:How do I go about with my online provision of Nutrition Consultation?
Do support me by ordering my service ^.^

You will be required to fill in a diet and lifestyle questionnaire (in google form format) which will be emailed to you upon your order. You are required to state your goals and purpose in your weight loss journey. Within 2 days, I will reply you with a comprehensive personalized diet guide for you to refer to start your healthy eating journey. Meal plan and templates will be provided with additional charge as per stated. This will be a pure nutrition guide by Professional Nutritionist whereby there will be No Sales or Recommendation of any forms of Supplements. The purpose of this is to help you be successful in your weight loss journey and thus leading to a happier life. So what contents you can expect from you personal nutrition plan report? (1)Meeting Your Nutrition Requirements (2)Daily Energy Goal (3)Sample Meal Plan Template - Additional Fee applied (4)Eating Habits Suggestions (5)Tips for Maximum Results All these will be tailored especially for you!

Lets start your healthy eating & Weight Loss Journey with me!


Good to see you here, Best of luck!

Thanks! I hope to be successful here! :relaxed:


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For better, professional nutritionist business, determine your ideal clients is most important and then clarify what makes you unique. And then spell out your project.

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