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I AM A CLIENT... my thoughts

MUSIC: Fiverr has some terrific talent… the problem clients sometimes have is having proper communication avenues available. No matter how good anyone is, each project is unique…each client is unique and each session player is unique. And if ALL we can do is write “our thoughts”…or “Our Instructions”, then that’s a problem.

Ever wonder why Instruction Manuals are so hard to read and follow?? They drive us crazy, right? And those are actually written by “professionals”.

When you ask a client to write down their “Instructions” or “Pref’s”… you make it hard for the client AND the performer (the seller). When I’m in Nashville working with Union players and we’re sitting face to face, even then there’s loads of communication, half of it in the form of body language.

FIVERR, figure out how to allow email, facetime and/or ■■■■■ DURING Gig days… end products will be better and more successful. Thanks!!! PS: I’m still a client and have an active session going.

Hi @scottymeade1

Because they are not well written. Those written correctly are, and should be, very easy to follow. :wink:

Not all “professionals” know how to write - writing is a complete different world. In fact, very few know how to put coherent ideas in place. Being a “professional” (in whatever profession) doesn’t imply being a writer. :wink:

Besides all the above, maybe you could tell your seller to ask CS for permission to speak with you (see I’m not saying email or whatever).

Since knocking at the door doesn’t mean going in, there’s nothing to lose trying. The worst you can get for a reply is a big “NO”. :wink:


Well as a client you do need to give instructions, brief etc otherwise how do you expect your seller to complete it?

As a seller I prefer written down requirements because not all buyers has proper level of English and the most important one is:
I work with around 100 clients every month each of them is unique and has a lot of details. If I speak with each of them it will take a lot of time and I can not remember all the small details after one call for 100 people. Sometimes I have to read a brief 10 times while working on the order so I definitely can not remember everything for everyone.


the features currently available should be plenty, IMO. For example, you can send links to videos to provide a reference to a seller. No need to have extensive vocabulary and superb use of words to convey special instructions, when a 30-second video says it all (if you have the link handy)

You can record your own voice message with instructions and attach it with your order. Recently, you can open a collaboration screen to type notes that point to certain parts of a document or media file, so it is clear what specific sections need more attention. This cuts down on the back/forth chat.

I also use tons of screen captures with pointing arrows and text notes. A simple Wordpad document with bolded/highlighted words is great, too.

Using descriptive & specific language helps: “start the transition around 00:10-sec mark, boost volume for approx 3 beats, introduce string section after the vocals come back in with full chorus…(please see attached demo file to clarify)”

…that sort of thing.

If you post a SPECIFIC problem you had, some of us might offer an improved version of your communication that you might not have thought of before :slight_smile: