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I am a complete newbie Please! help me guys how to increase sell's


please!! guys help me guys
THe pain is killing me guys

This is my gig btw.


How can it be your best seller if you haven’t sold any yet?


I tried everything
At last i came up with this idea
I thought false promoting might help


You’ve said it yourself right there - false promoting. Telling fibs will not help you sell more.


will it really effect the gig ??


Have you sold any yet? People aren’t stupid - they look at it and see you’ve got no reviews, and yet you say it’s your best seller, they won’t trust you, and they’ll walk away.

Buyer/seller trust is paramount on Fiverr!


no sell’s today
Is there any sites??
where you can promote and attract many users


Have you tried buyer requests? Not posting on there, obviously, but finding buyers who may want your services.


I have been working on fiver for 1 week and the income i am generating is damn loww its not even helping me to pay my internet bill
I have one stupid question
What will be the average income on fiver if you work hard and full time ???


Where’s that piece of string I can measure? There’s no such thing as an average income on Fiverr.

You’ve got 1 review, and sadly it wasn’t very good.

To be honest, and please anybody else, please chime in here - if I were you, I’d contact CS, close this account, and ask them to open up a new one.

As I’ve said, buyers aren’t stupid, and I’m afraid you won’t get very far with 1 3-star review.

I’m sorry if this sounds negative - I’m just trying to be honest.

Also, could you find a photo where you look a bit happier maybe?


Use Buyer Request Until you Get Level One.After That Organic orders will be started.


Isn’t interesting when the seller look pretty angry on his profile pics.


It’s “Sales” not “Sells”.
In order to improve your sales you need to improve your communication skills in the English language.

Go to Papa Teach Me and learn:


If the pain is killing you take a midol, this stuff works wonders. :unamused:


You are hilarious, I like that. You should seriously think about creating gigs in the comedy field. I’m sure you could succeed with that.

As you didn’t had any sales you actually didn’t work for 1 week. What you did was ISS (Intelligent Screen Staring) and of course this will create some pretty low income.

Hey, I really should think about doing some sarcasm gigs. Maybe I’m good at that.