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I am a confused buyer

I would like to know how to submit a custom invoice for a large illustration order, that is, I will need more than 50 similar illustrations for the same, say, book.
If the artist agrees to give me a bulk discount, that would be great. I have scribbled all the illustrations out in my poor drawing style, so the artist will know the complexity of my project.
I looked in the FAQ section and it said that custom invoices can only be done for, I forget, but it was not for illustrations.
Any tips you can share will be appreciated. Tutto

Find artist, talk with them, and ask them to make you a custom offer. Then you accept it and you can work on terms determinate in it. You can like split whole project into phases, and do milestones as well.

BTW, did you post your job request to buyers request? I would like to apply.

I did not post, I was looking at drawing styles. I will look at yours.
OK, I will think about negotiating with the artist and then ask the artist to send me the custom invoice?

well basically what I think is the best is to explain what you need to artist you like, and then see based on communication skills and your own intuition and as well on their portfolios with who you think you could work. Then let them explain you their side, as how they work and how much each thing would cost you. I am sure you can find at least few good artist here. I wrote this thread to help buyers, like yourself: so see if that will be a bit helpful to you and to your Fiverr experience. :slight_smile:

What you are describing isn’t called a custom invoice on Fiverr. Invoices are different and have to do with paperwork that some people want for tax or other business purposes. It isn’t used prior to work. What you need is a Custom Order. A seller can create a custom quote for you or you can request one.

Just for your own risk management, it isn’t a bad idea to try a seller out first with a small order for either part of the larger order or just a sample. That way you can see if communications proceed well and the seller style is right for you. When you do get ready to get a custom quote, check these articles out:

Buyer option:

Seller option:

Ask the seller to give you a custom offer after you describe what you need done.

An invoice is what a merchant gives a customer to show how much they owe. We don’t use invoices on fiverr.

You have to communicate with your seller, give a detailed task list and then you and your seller can negotiate on your custom offer.

first you need to talk with your seller, and tell him all details about your required work. As you say that you want more than 50 illustrations. So i think you need to clear this point with seller and tell him to send you offer and mentioned 50 illustrations in invoice. First check the invoice if it’s as per your demand you can accept it.