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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!

Hi folks, I am a Fiverr PRO seller who was approached by Fiverr to apply for and join the platform. I am happy to answer any questions about my thoughts on Fiverr PRO, experience with my gigs, or anything else you’re curious about.

Mod Note: Paul is offering to answer questions about the topic of FIVERR PRO which is a new development on Fiverr. For general questions, search the forum for answers or create your own topic and ask the question. There are lots of helpful and experienced sellers who will respond with advice.


Nice to see you here Paul and welcome to the forum.
I think a question that many people have been struggling with is what makes a gig PRO?
To be more specific, for example, why do you think you were invited to be Pro, why do you believe your articles and blogs are worth a base price of $100 and what sets you apart from writers who charge less than that?

This is intended as a friendly request for your opinion by the way, I am not challenging your prices or questioning your value! I have just seen a lot of people struggle to grasp the variation in pricing between those charging $5 and those who charge more. I personally believe a lot of writers (and other service providers) undervalue their work and are more focused on being “competitive” with what they perceive the market to be on Fiverr than selling their services for what they are truly worth.


First of all Welcome to Fiverr . Secondly, i am very happy to see your profile because you are rarely from those Pro sellers who have 100$ Gigs. Almost all the Pro sellers except some are on Fiverr platform as a joke, they have made their gigs above 1000$ or 1500$. Can you believe that??.. And yeah i have a question, does angelina jolie also Joining Fiverr because Fiverr demands to have a high profile on social media???



I’m not sure about the Angelina Jolie thing!

In terms of the pricing of Pro gigs, I expect they are setting gig prices based on external market rates (outside Fiverr). My rates are around the same as my external rates, so for me it’s a good deal.


I am new to Fiverr, so I am not sure I have any tips for you. What worked for me was coming up with good gig descriptions, providing lots of addons, creating videos for my gigs, and presenting a unique value proposition. I am sure there are lots of support guides on Fiverr that can help you.


Hi, Paul,


I hope you have a fully brewed pot of :tea: or :coffee: it’s going to be a long thread of Q&A’s. :grinning:

Q: Where did Fiverr approach you? Via or elsewhere?
Q: As a PRO were you assigned a success coach to help you along the way?


Hy Paul,
Congratulations on becoming a fiverr PRO!
I do not have much questions regarding fiverr pro but I would ask about your overall experience on fiverr. It will be very helpful for beginners like me.



Excellent questions, let me try and break them down.

"Why do you think you were invited to be Pro?"
I am a successful freelance writer outside the platform, with a large online portfolio (around 250 samples listed) and have worked with some reasonably sized clients. I also have experience working with marketing agencies, and have written about being a freelancer, developing and maintaining good customer relationships, and maintaining a professional approach. I am not sure if any of those contributed, but I think they might have helped.

Why do you believe your articles and blogs are worth a base price of $100?
Simply put, because that’s what my clients outside Fiverr pay. I have experimented with my rates over the last few years and steadily raised them to the point where I can typically charge 16c - 20c a word - now, that’s mainly working for marketing agencies, business clients, and others with content marketing budgets.

Of course, it’s not just about writing content, it’s about the niches I work in (business and technology), the research I do, the approach I take, reliability, consistency, etc. In other words, they aren’t just buying my skills as a writer, but placing value on other areas as well. I am sure those values are also abundant in sellers on Fiverr, but from the beginning I have been careful to position myself that way and make it part of my value prop.

What sets you apart from writers who charge less than that?
I think this comes in two parts - any actual difference in the work I do, and that of “perceived value.” In terms of the work I do, I most certainly do not think that my work is five (or four, three, or two) times better than writers who charge less. Although some areas of quality can be objective, much of the value of writing is subjective. How does it use context and narrative, does it cover off key points, does it cite authoritative sources, do you write like you know what you’re talking about? I base my rates (both externally and on Fiverr) on several areas:

  • The specialized niches I write in - business, tech, SaaS etc. These tend to command higher rates.
  • My experience - I have a background in business, project management, technology, running a business, etc.
  • Writing from the perspective of the reader - aiming to educate, inform, or inspire.
  • Proven record writing for other known businesses.
  • the research I need to do to write with confidence.

And, most importantly, the confidence to ask for (and stick to) those rates.

In terms of “perceived quality” - some clients simply want to pay more. Even if my article is only 1.1 times as good as someone charging $20, some buyers will look at my price and think “I am paying more, he must be a better writer.” It gives them reassurance.

I fully agree with your final point that freelancers do often undervalue their work. The issue is that many clients are very price sensitive, and for those buyers, the regular Fiverr market makes perfect sense. PRO gigs are not designed for that market, they are designed for the “perceived value” market. I don’t think there’s any reason the two cannot exist in harmony.

If I could have my wish, it would be that all freelancers value themselves more and price their services accordingly. That said, if people can make a reasonable living selling services on marketplaces like Fiverr, then that’s good too. I suspect it’s a case of finding the balance, which is not easy!

I hope I answered the question…


[quote=“nikavoice, post:6, topic:161472”]
Q: Where did Fiverr approach you? Via or elsewhere?[/quote]

They contacted me via email, likely by getting my contact details off of my freelance website. I knew of Fiverr before hand, but hadn’t ever used the service.

I was, the awesome Hila helped me through all the aspects of setting up my gigs, setting prices, providing support, etc.


I don’t want to go off on a full tangent here, but I am concerned that comments like this could derail a useful conversation, so I would like to say something about your post. I do not believe that any of those with the Pro badge are on Fiverr as a “joke” whether they are priced at $10, $100, or $1000. In fact, some are even higher and if they are able to get orders, that’s fine. If they come to the forum to share what they know, I would not suggest calling them jokes, since that might cause a lost opportunity for those who would like to know more about the Pro gigs. To avoid a tangential discussion here, though, I made a side thread about this if you or anyone else wants to discuss pricing in a realistic way and it doesn’t have to be limited to Pro or non-Pro pricing.


@paulmaplesden Thanks for making a thread here! It’s a nice thing to do and I’m also glad to see you have a good sense of humor. You need it here! I don’t have any questions right now, but I might later. In the meantime, I’ll be following along. :slight_smile:


It’s been great - I find the platform easy to use, it’s a great way to gather client details, I don’t have to chase payments, and get in front of thousands of potential buyers - what’s not to like? :wink:


I really would like to personally thank you for taking your valuable time and creating a post about the Pro badge.

I’m unsure if you’re aware but the past several days the forum has had plenty of posts talking about the Pro badge.

I don’t have questions because I fully support this new venture, however, would you agree that it would make sense to list these services on a different URL completely?
For example: or

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I suspect Fiverr have conducted market research, and the current approach is based on what they have been told. I am not sure what they will do long term… I think a separate marketplace makes sense, but I would need to see the data and analytics to know for sure.


I would safely assume that Fiverr has been doing market research for the past 12 months before rolling out this new feature. My only concerns would be that by offering professional gigs and bad gigs side by side would actually decrease the amount of quality conversions.

Imagine a fortune 500 company wanted to utilize Fiverr for their services and notices a $5 service accompanied by a $5000 service. I don’t think it attracts the appropriate responses.


You could well be right - I suspect we might see some changes as the PRO service matures.


Are you calling PRO gigs professional and regular gigs bad? Does this make my gigs (okay, I am not professional) or those of a professional seller who is not a PRO, bad?


Nope - I’m not a Pro Badge holder. I’m a regular seller just like you.

I was trying to explain that there are some really poor services that are listed on Fiverr. Imagine having a really poor service next to a really qualified pro service? That doesn’t resonate well.

Obviously I did not mean bad gigs = every other gig!


Yeah! That is amazing. :thumbsup: 1 Got my first order today. feeling amazing :slight_smile: . I hope I change my life through this work As I love web development. :blush:


Thank you for opening yourself up to questions. Hila is amazing. I agree. It sounds like you are established, have a large portfolio, and work with some big companies that allow you to command the prices you do. This is very insightful in understanding what makes you a Pro.

How long have you been freelance writing? How did you get started doing it full-time? How did you find clients? How do you see Fiverr changing the way you get business?


Really happy you’re doing this!
All right, here are my questions.
Fiverr definitely expects you to draw in sales through your connections and following otherwise there’s not much of a chance for you to get clients on Fiverr. So, if you’re going to use your audience to make sales then why bother since Fiverr will get 20% from the sale. What’s driving you? What’s your plan here? What are you trying to achieve?
Your work might be and is probably amazing, but some of the TRS and level 2 sellers are just as good if not better. So how do you plan on getting your Fiverr career started? Additionally, were you paid by Fiverr or incentivized in some way to bring your services to Fiverr?