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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


Please help me, how to gro my gig? And sellin?


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My question would be.
I had every single day new order, but now it just stopped after i get level 1 :frowning: no new people coming to order, even i have 99% five stars of rating.


@oscarspaeglis My answer to you would be to read the following note that was mentioned in the OP’s first post on this thread:


I dont know why, but people on fiverr don’t want to trust Indian or Pakistan people, its not racist. Just language barriers, when you ask to do one thing, they do different.

When u will provide atleast 50+ orders people will trust you more.


How can i make application for Fiverr Pro? and what are requirements?


You already answered your question.

I found a lot of buyers having difficulties to communicate with me except the native ones so you can not relate language barrier to just Indo-Pak people.