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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


Please help me, how to gro my gig? And sellin?


My question would be.
I had every single day new order, but now it just stopped after i get level 1 :frowning: no new people coming to order, even i have 99% five stars of rating.


@oscarspaeglis My answer to you would be to read the following note that was mentioned in the OP’s first post on this thread:


I dont know why, but people on fiverr don’t want to trust Indian or Pakistan people, its not racist. Just language barriers, when you ask to do one thing, they do different.

When u will provide atleast 50+ orders people will trust you more.


How can i make application for Fiverr Pro? and what are requirements?


You already answered your question.

I found a lot of buyers having difficulties to communicate with me except the native ones so you can not relate language barrier to just Indo-Pak people.


Hi Paul! welcome to fiverr! i don’t have any questions though just glad to have you here. I hope a lot of people will get inspired and will get a lot of information about Fiverr PRO.


Is there a minimum price limit for pro gigs?
(Ex 180 above, i am asking this because people wont buy expensive gigs daily)


Fiverr pro application requirements are tricky. Ihave already applied twice and fiverr team asked me once, so three times. I have an average you tube audience and a good number on flickr views, but thats it. Any advice to improve myself to go pro?


Good Day how are you? What has been one of your secret methods of promoting yourself?


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Thank you for your kindness. I have a question that, Is fiverr pro is better than fiverr regular? I think, fiverr pro seller gets fewer order than a regular seller.


what is the requirement and process to become fiverr pro?


You can read this link : fiverr pro guideline


thank you,for your information.


Nicely explained…Thank you for sharing your thoughts…


What is the benefit of Fiverr PRO seller?


Can you tell me please… How we become a pro seller and what is the benifit on it


That is so good, thank you for your advice…


You can charge more and access buyers who are willing to pay that.

But you have to be of professional quality and customer service.