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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


Well I beg to differ, Pro gigs are placed at the top. Fiverr will bring them higher paying clients though.

Of course! The ability to attract even more clientele.


I highly doubt that the kind of buyers that Fiverr currently has will buy such gigs. Again, that’s just my opinion and can you let the person that the question was asked to answer so that I can see how he views the situation?


What evidence do you have of that? If you have never offered a higher ticket service then how do you know the clientele are not here? I have sold articles for over $100 here, had a $3k sale, a whole host of orders for several hundred dollars.
Sellers all want buyers to “accept that not everything is $5” but we have to accept it ourselves first.


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How long have you been freelance writing?
Part time, around five years, full time, around two years.

How did you get started doing it full-time?
I already co-owned a freelance editing and proofreading business and decided to branch out from there.

How did you find clients?
I tend to apply through job boards to roles that I have good experience for.

How do you see Fiverr changing the way you get business?
I see it as being very useful supplementary income. There are times in the freelancer feast<>famine cycle where I can definietly see Fiverr being useful!


Hi there, I will answer your questions one-by-one.

Fiverr definitely expects you to draw in sales through your connections and following otherwise there’s not much of a chance for you to get clients on Fiverr.
That was never specified to me as an expectation, and isn’t something I have been asked to do. It’s early days, but I have already had a couple of PRO clients.

So, if you’re going to use your audience to make sales then why bother since Fiverr will get 20% from the sale. What’s driving you?
I see it as a good way to supplement my income. What’s driving me is what normally drives me as a freelance writer - doing good work, interacting with interesting people, and making a living doing something I love.

What’s your plan here?
I don’t have a grand plan - I want to see how the PRO gig goes and see what happens with it. I don;t know if Fiverr will become a major source of income, I am open-minded about it.

What are you trying to achieve?
I’m not really trying to achieve anything - I already have a freelance writing career that I really enjoy, I would like to work with other good people though, and this is an additional marketplace to promote my services.

Your work might be and is probably amazing, but some of the TRS and level 2 sellers are just as good if not better. So how do you plan on getting your Fiverr career started?
I don’t know if my work is “amazing” or not, but I do try to give good value. In terms of getting my career started, I am using thorough gig descriptions, multiple gigs, keywords, and video to appear in the marketplace. I don;t know if that is enough, but if it is not, I will adapt.

Additionally, were you paid by Fiverr or incentivized in some way to bring your services to Fiverr?
Not at all. I was invited, and am subject to the same 20% commission as everyone else.

I hope this answers your questions.


I think Fiverr are interested in something I call the “perception of value” i.e.some clients will pay more, because you are charging more. Now, I do not know if my gigs are of any higher-quality than other writers, but I do know that in the marketplace outside Fiverr, clients pay my rates. Whether that translates here remains to be seen, but I think Fiverr is wanting to get into the high-value gig marketplace, and there are certainly buyers there.


I agree that the niches are really important - I focus almost exclusively on business and tech, because they tend to demand higher prices, and it’s something I have experience in.


No need to apologize to me - I am British, apology is in my DNA.

Seriously though, we all just want to make a living, and I want every seller to be successful. I think there’s a big enough pie we can all have a slice.


So in short, you’re just a great guy with great skills. Let me just point this out that all of this is just so that we could understand how the whole thing went down. Really hope none of my questions rubbed you the wrong way and thank you for the great response.

On that note, can you like asses some of my work to give tips on how I can improve it? Considering you are in the same category as me and clearly have more experience that would really help. It’s totally cool if you’re busy - which is completely understandable.


Thanks for making this thread. Congratulations on being a Fiverr Pro, your sales, and welcome to Fiverr! I have been on Fiverr since 2010, but learned a lot just from reading your posts.

Also glad to see this is staying positive for the most part. I’ll admit, I was a little jealous at first.


Well, I try to be nice! I’m a Brit, living in the US, it’s my only useful skill!

I am in now way offended by anything, I have done a few freelance AMA’s in the past because I genuinely do want everyone to be successful - if I can do it, so can everyone else. (And I genuinely mean that - I do not have any experience, insight, or approach that others cannot glean).

I have no issue looking at anything anyone wants me to, feel free to PM me.


Erk! The last thing I want to create is jealousy… I think the most thanks I can have for being successful is to help others in similar positions (other freelancers) be successful too. I think what goes around, comes around.


Not created from you, but I think most would be lying if they said they didn’t want to also reach Pro level :wink:


Thank You!!!


No, I am not interested in this Pro thing and I am telling the truth. I don’t need it. I know I am a pro, my clients know I am a pro, I don’t need the Pro level to be a pro.


Absolutely. Everyone should have the chances they need to make freelancing a great career choice.


I respect you Paul the way how you answering the questions here as a Pro seller and not like other Pro quickly defending themselves on how good their works are as compared to the long time sellers here.
Hope you enjoy the fun :slight_smile:


That’s kind of you, thanks. Although to be fair I haven’t seen other PRO sellers doing that? Ultimately, the only thing I need to prove is to my clients, and they either accept or deny that based on if they pay me or not! I am not sure if my work is quantifiably better than other sellers - it’s all about the “perception of value” and now much people are willing to pay.


Hi Congrats on becoming a pro…

I checked fiverr via my phone while back and it had instructions for me to create a pro gig (which I assume I got selected to be a pro). I never got an email though…

So I thought I will attend to setting up my pro gig later when I log on to my PC… but now I cant find the link to set up my pro gig. How can I find it?

Thanks for answering Paul