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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


I am afraid I am not privy to Fiverr’s internal machinations - suggest you try contacting customer support.


I already did. Thanks Paul


That’s the attitude every seller should feel about his work.


congratulation guy…:slight_smile:


hi i have applied for fiverr pro i want to know that how i knowi was selected as fiverr pro and how i see that i have gig that i create for fiverr pro


I assume Fiverr will contact you to let you know if you have been successful. If you are successful, there is a toggle button at the top of the first “create gig” screen where you can mark it as a PRO gig.


Paul how would you describe your skill set when you were fairly new to freelancing? What did you do to be what you’re now?


In my previous career I was an “IT Services and Communications Manager” - what that means is that I looked after the IT systems of a large business, made sure they were available, and dealt with issues when they were not. A large part of my roles was also communications - influencing employees, putting together comms strategies, creating training programs, writing messages etc. There was also a smattering of project management in there.

All of that stuff taught me how to create good communications, how to think like an end user, and how to present a helpful approach. I was able to use those skills to kick off my freelance writing career, and it helps that I focus on tech and business!

Essentially, I was made redundant from that role, I already had a freelance editing and proofreading business with my wife, and after a few years of failed businesses, set myself up as a freelance writer. So far, it’s going pretty well.


congratulation…:sunglasses: have you received any ORDER? :kissing_heart:


Yes indeed, three so far. I even got a tip for one of them, which was pretty awesome!


Tips are great and tell you the buyer appreciated your work, effort, communication, and professionalism.


Congratulations. Do your best and deliver value to your client, get a nice review and hopefully… More orders!


A warm congratulations to you Paul for getting the Pro Badge. I think we will learn many things from you as you already have been working as a Freelancer outside of this platform.



Thank you very much Paul for sharing your experience with us.


I applied for Fiverr pro before 1 week ago but I didn’t receive any Email from Fiverr till now. What should I do please suggest me.


Contact customer support? I do not know their inner workings…


Hi Paul. Thanks for allowing to be open to questions about Fiverr pro.
So my question to you is this: What kind of service should a person make as a Fiverr pro gig? Here, I’m not pointing to any specific category. What I’m talking about is the logic behind a pro gig. Of course, it’s understood that for a job that take approx 15 mins, like logo and so on, it’ll be unwise to price it starting $100. Also, we can’t really expect such a gig to be sold in volumes, much like the people who had been selling basic $5 gigs, or custom orders. So it’s work on a different level and kind that’s being put up for a higher price.


I don’t think there’s a standard answer to that. In terms of what makes a gig a PRO gig, it is what the buyer is willing to pay, based on certain criteria:

  • The niche you are working in.
  • The budget of the buyer.
  • The experience, expertise, and insight you have.
  • The “true value” you can deliver.
  • The self-confidence to ask for higher fees.

I realize that’s not a great answer, so if you want me to go into anything in greater detail, please let me know.


Thanks for your answer!

I got the point but that’s too broad for me to really catch it. Can you give me an example for this please?

And yes, if some kind of work is put up in bulk and is being sold as a gig, what potential do you think it’s got for selling. Like say. 1 logo is $5. Fine. So why not put up the gig saying that it’ll be 20 logos for , let’s say $100.

I think this will do for the details.


You’ve been responding to all the questions like a real PRO! It’s inspiring