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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


hi Paul, I signed up and put in a gig for editing, however my daughters college friend tried to use my services, but I cant be found. why is that?


Sure, so speaking for myself, I am a blog and article writer, my PRO gigs start at $100.

  • My niche - business and tech, typically commands higher prices as clients in those niches are facing lots of competition to get noticed. Good content marketing really helps with that.
  • The budget of the buyer - often, if you want content marketing to have an impact, you need to invest in it. That’s where high-quality content writing services come in.
  • Expertise, experience, and insight - I have over ten years of management experience in the space, and continue to study and improve on my expertise. I have already written over 300 articles in related topics.
  • The “True Value” you can deliver - understanding the end customer in these niches is essential, as they are the people you need to persuade.
  • Self-confidence - I have tweaked and increased my rates over time, and the fees I now charge are a “sweet spot” for the marketplace I work in.

Personally, I don’t believe in “bulk” work when you need to take a unique approach and deliver one-of-a-kind value.Ultimately, with any freelance gig, you are paying for the skills, experience, expertise, approach, and insight of the freelancer. A PRO gig is simply an opportunity to say “My time is worth $X” and to find buyers willing to pay $X.


Thanks, that’s actually a really important point. Being a professional (not just a PRO) is about how you approach work, communicate, build trust, and deliver value for the client. In fact, I would say it even trumps pure creative ability when it comes to sustaining a career as a freelancer.


Thank you so much! It’s been insanely helpful…


I am afraid I do not have any special insight into how Fiverr works - suggest you contact support.


Just make something up like the rest of us do, otherwise people think you are holding back the secrets.


Uhm - OK…

Your gig impression views and clicks have reduced as a result of an unknown fluctuation in the earth’s magnetic field. As a result, buyers of freelance services havd decided to pause their needs until their compasses are working again. Normal service will resume in 1.7 Earth Days.

Like that?


I like it, except you need to extend the expected downtime otherwise you need a new answer in less than 2 days.
Personally I’m a fan of making the advice JUST plausible enough to work but JUST more effort than people are prepared to put in. It means I can reuse it over and over.


Hi Paulmaplesden,

How were able to avoid selling to scammers and people who steal your ideas then not pay?


This has never been an issue for me. I am generally fairly careful in who I choose to work for, and since, on Fiverr, they need to pay as they order, I don’t see it being a big issue. If I run into problems, I will resolve it with the buyer or customer service.


Can I use this as a “Quick response?” :wink:


Hi, Paul.
How long does it take for Fiverr Pro to be approved?


Hi Paul,
I can see from your posts that you’re a successful and established writer for years though compare to that I’m new to this business and fiverr, 3 months. Writing has always been my thing since the school days, but i’m looking for more exposures and want to build my career as a freelance writer so what should I do to climb the ladder?


It took a couple of weeks for my application to be reviewed and approved.


I hosted an “Ask Me Anything” about how to be a successful freelance writer a few weeks ago, and in it I answered dozens of questions on everything a freelancer needs to do to be successful. You may find some useful information there.

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I already went through it.
By the way, thanks Paul and wish you luck in the future though you don’t need it.


Thanks! I don’t really have any special advice to offer outside what I discussed there - it’s just a case of applying all of that, which can be tough.


Anyways, wish me luck and will be in touch.
Thanks again.

What about fiverr pro?

anyone who wants to know more about PRO, I would urge you to listen to the latest Fiverrcast. It has plenty of information on what PRO is, how it works, and, most importantly, what Fiverr are looking for when they pick PRO sellers.


What will be count if I apply for fiverr pro?