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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


I don’t know what you mean - can you explain further please?


Hi Paul,

I was wondering, which sales categories are in Fiverr Pro? I’m a VO artist, and I actually applied for Fiverr Pro, but after a month or so (maybe more), I haven’t even had an acknowledgement Email from Fiverr. How long do they take to notify you of any decision?


Hi there, at the moment I believe Fiverr PRO is limited to:

  • Articles and blog posts.
  • Logo design.
  • Social media marketing.
  • White board and explainer videos.

So they are not yet in the VO category. I do believe they are expanding to other categories over the next few months. It took about three weeks for me to become approved, but that was before the platform was announced.

At the moment, I believe they are pretty overwhelmed with applicants and are getting through them as quickly as possible. Hang in there.



Thanks! I guess I’ll just hang in there, and wait for the VO category to open to Pro.


Hey Guys, i am new to Fiverr. Can anyone help me to advertise the Gigs. So that i can attract the more number of buyers.

Thanks & Regards!


You’re probably better off posting in the “Improve My Gigs” category.


Ok Sir, Thanks for the guidance. Actually i am getting the impressions and the clicks but not getting the orders.


when it will be available for development category ?


I do not know, I am not privy to any inside information. According to the latest Fiverrcast, they are rolling it out to new categories over the next few months.


I applied as a logo designer before one month ago but didn’t hear from them yet. Why?


I do not have any insight into the application process, but I imagine they are absolutely swamped with applications. Give it time.


Welcome @paulmaplesden, thank you for being part of this, I am really finding reading your suggestions very insightful and encouraging.
I had a client who asked a very small translation job, and kept rejecting my submission and asking to add a small additional translations every time, although I allowed up to 3 times revision request, the client kept rejecting and asking to add something, at first I thought the client was trying to find a way to cancel the order and get his/her money back and get free work, but it turns out, the client was just either not sure what exactly he/she wanted or just wanted to add bits more and not have to pay for it, I remained calm and tried to do what was asked until the client finally accepted the work and gave good feedback.
I was extremely patient because I believe in customer satisfaction.

How can one politely explain to a client that they have exhausted their allowed number of revisions and might need to pay additional fees for another requested additional revisions without risking negative feedback or cancellation?
Is it possible for a client to employ a tactic or repeated rejection of summited work to justify cancellation? And how to avoid that happening?


I’m not sure that’s a question for a Pro, and it might be better directed to the Fiverr community of sellers at large. That said, I would simply go back, point out that you have completed the number of revisions and let them know they need to pay for more.


Wow That’s Great, Sir I have a question.

Whats the secret to achieving so many things?



Happy for you. And thanks for being open to us for sharing knowledge. I dont have much to ask about since been a while since i published my gigs and no sales so far. Only question. Tips for a beginner.

I know there is already a lot to read about the topic but What do you think?



Hi there, this isn’t a question for the Pro thread - suggest you try asking in the general forum or reading through the thousands of other similar posts from sellers with this question.


For me it’s:

  • Loving my job.
  • Heaving a clear outcome in mind.
  • Good time scheduling.
  • The right productivity system / software (Trello FTW).


I wrote about this extensively here:


I agree, Trello is superb!


hi paulmaplesden , just new to the platform and asking Cindy to explain in details what how much value are you supposing to add to the platform as a seller ?