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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


Can you be a bit more specific in your question and I will try and answer it - what do you need to know? Here’s what I believe Fiverr are looking for in PRO sellers in addition to delivering excellent creative work:

  • The level of detail we go into for understanding the client.
  • Our industry and topic experience and history.
  • How we manage client relationships and provide services.
  • Previous “big name” clients and other proof of quality.
  • Intangible areas like trust, communications, and more.


do you understand the client’s need before starting the execution ?


Yes, I have complete requirements gathering - here’s what I typically ask:

  • What is the topic you want me to write about?

  • What keyword(s) do you want me to focus on?

  • Do you have a particular style or approach you want me to take? (e.g. question and answer, “how to” guide, explainer, something else). Also, do you have a particular tone you want me to use? (My normal style is a friendly, direct, “second person (you)” approach that addresses the reader and shares information.)

  • Please include any key facts or information you would like me to reference or include in the article. Please be as thorough as possible. If you have any research you would like me to read, please list sources.

  • If there are other articles you really like and you would like this article to have a similar look, feel, approach, or flavor, please list them here

  • Please provide details of your target audience for this piece and what you would like them to do as the result of reading it.

  • What is the website address for your business, website, or blog, so I can get more information?

  • If you have an outline or key sections you want me to focus on, please list them here.

  • Please let me know about any further instructions or other information I would find useful.


Hi, plz i’m New by here, wld like to know how can i post my own deals or services & Gigs plz help me… I don’t find it nowhere in the application. Thk you.


You should start by reading through Fiverr Academy - it tells you everything you need to know.


When I first joined fiverr, I thought I was in for only $5 gigs…when you start getting $100, $200 and $2000 gigs here, you see that there may be a market for all level of buyer and seller.


I confirm what you say. I am not a PRO seller, but I have had different 400$ orders for custom articles of 1000-2000 words. It is mostly the way you put yourself on the market and how you perceive yourself in the first place.


I’m a new seller in feverr i have just my first gigs .I really want to know how can i get my first order .
thank you


This is a question for the forum as a whole, I suggest you read the “seller tips” section.


I would like to know how to contact other buyer currently using an artist who has been missing and non responsive. She said she has been having some housing problems, but that was three weeks ago and she is not responding. Love her work, but vanishing in the middle of the book is putting me in the position that I have to interview for a new artist.


Hi there, this is a question for customer service or the forum at large, as it is not related to Fiverr Pro.


One thing I have noticed is very nice formatting on all answers here from Pro writers which gives a polished look. I have seen this also in the Pro gig descriptions. It gives a very nice impression. It is clear that attention to detail is important to Pro writers.


Thanks @paulmaplesden for a great Topic.


how to rank my gig first


Hi Paulmaplesden,

I M New seller . i have been create my gigs . i thinks my gigs are alright. every day i continue buyers order very well. then I have got two orders. then i sent a reply for them. but they don t reply again. then i have nt orders yet. every day i am updating my gigs. let me know what s wrong with me. Could You Please Help Me.

Thank You So Much


I can’t help you with this. Try posting in the general forum.


Hi Paul, Thanks for helping,
I want to know that, i have created 7 to 8 gigs, and 2 or 3 gigs are going good mean have some reviews, My total reviews are 25 and rating is 5.0, but i am not getting a proper order since 2 or 3 months, as i have sent many buyer request and i get 2 3 order but they are just customization, no direct buyer contacting me since 3 months, every thing fine, i have edited 2 or 3 times gigs title, images, description and tags, but still not in search of fiverr. Impression, clicks and views are going down, Can you please help me what is this and what i can do now. thanks. My profile link is here,


Just for clarity, I cannot help anyone with their specific issues. I recommend posting in the forum in the “Improve My gigs” area where there are people who can help you. Additionally, please review the Fiverr Academy for helpful information.

I won’t be responding to further requests for assistance with specific gigs, although I am happy to answer questions on Fiverr Pro. Incidentally, you may find some blog posts I wrote around Fiverr Pro to be helpful:


Thanks a lot Paul . will try


stupid question please …you still can turn on Vacation mode??